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Review the latest Pre-Prints.

Peer Review powered by the Crowd.

Transparent, constructive peer review.

Harnessing the power of the crowd to deliver transparent, constructive peer review.

Faster Reviews

Speed up the review process by providing quick and continuous feedback on research.

Thorough Analysis

Utilise the wide ranging expertise of the crowd to ensure thorough peer review.

Reward Reviewers

Recognise reviewer contributions and allow reviewers to grow their reputations.

Join the discussion.

Our mission to help researchers improve the quality of their work. By enabling the crowd review of pre-prints and rewarding reviewers for highlighting both the strengths and weaknesses of a paper, we aim to deliver constructive and transparent peer review.

How it works


Find a pre-print in your field.


Join the crowd peer review on the paper’s thread. Leave a paper summary, highlight strengths or raise major or minor issues for the author to address.


Make sure important comments are heard by upvoting or downvoting other reviewers' contributions.


Build your reputation as a reviewer, and gain credibility in the CrowdPeer community.