Code of Conduct
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Code of Conduct

Through our code of conduct we aim to build a kind and mutually respectful community where collaboration thrives.

Whether you are an experienced researcher, a budding PhD or an undergraduate student, join us in building a community where everyone feels welcome to participate regardless of their expertise or identity.

Help us to create a community that enables the betterment of scientific research through the education and improvement of the peer review process.

What is the Code of Conduct?

This code of conduct is to help us build a constructive and welcoming environment for academic discussion. We are committed to building an environment where anyone can contribute to public review regardless of their background, or career level. This code of conduct applies to all who use the CrowdPeer platform.

Our Community Expectations

Be clear and constructive when leaving comments.
This ensures comments are as useful as possible to the community.

Be open to others’ feedback on your own comments.
Edits, comments, and suggestions are vital to the peer review process and should be welcomed.

Be patient and welcoming.
Endeavour to help new members of our community if they are in need of help or guidance during a review process.

Be inclusive and respectful.
Embrace diversity in opinion and try to understand others view points.

Unacceptable bahaviour

Putdowns or unfriendly language.

Name calling or personal attacks.



How to report breaches of code of conduct

Flag the comment
If you feel a comment breaches our code of conduct, please flag the comment. Flagging a comment will alert Crowdpeer moderators to the comment. Moderators will then take appropriate action to deal with the flagged comment.

Contact Us
One of the Crowdpeer team will respond as quickly as possible.

How we deal with breaches of conduct

Crowdpeer moderators will consider every flagged or reported comment. If the comment is deemed to breach our code of conduct it will be removed from the site.

If an individual repeatedly posts comments that breach our code of conduct they risk being banned from the site.